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    Darryl Darling

    I would like to assist with verifying SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.  We currently have setup a four server MySQL cluster using the community version.  However, after discovering your site, we decided to test out your configurator.  It seems to work perfectly until the download of the MySQL cluster software.  Since SLES isn't supported OS, the script downloads the initially selected OS version.  I would like to work with someone to get this working on SLES.  The platform is supported with a specific download at the MySQL site.  I think with a little work, we could get SLES verified.  



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    Jorge Araya

    Hello.  How´s the progress on getting SUSE tested.  I have installed mariaDB using source files and then installed GALERA.  Its working fine but need more developement.  Keep me posted.

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    We have talked about supporting SUSE for ClusterControl however that work has not started as of yet and I currently don't have an estimate at the moment when we'll have that in place.

    There are a few things that are different compared to our currently supported platforms (e.g., different packages and package manager). It should not be too complex to add it but not trivial either.

    I hope we have an update on this soon.



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