Can't configure proxysql



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    Paul Namuag

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Can you please file an internal ticket for this issue? So I am assuming that your license is not Community and I am assuming one of our Sales have provided you license since ProxySQL is only available to Advanced and Enterprise license, but not Community.

    When you file an internal ticket, please do not forget to generate an error report. You can do this by going to Logs -> Error Reports -> Create Error Report then attached it in the Zendesk ticket I asked you to create.


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    Admin Manifone

    Hi Paul, thanks for your reply.

    You are right, we have a subscription. I tried here first because I did not know where I had to create my ticket :) But I got an answer since and I am going to create a ticket in the dedicated interface.

    For sure I will join the error report.


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