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    Paul Namuag

    Hi Oliver,

    The cmo_host_log carries the logs of your database nodes and stores into that table which means, if you have lots of verbose logs from your db nodes (error logs), then that means it can increase faster in due time compared to cmon_stats_daily table.


    If  you want to be reduced, one way I only see for now is to manually login to mysql and delete records to that table but you must need to stop the cmon service (run command `service cmon stop`) and run a null alter to table cmo_host_log ( i.e. ALTER TABLE cmo_host_log ENGINE=InnoDB) to reclaim the space and decrease the file size of the table.


    For the meantime, our dev sees this and have filed internal Jira for improvement on this issue.


    Thanks for bringing up this Oliver.

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    Oliver Edtmair

    Hi Paul,

    thanks a lot for your fast reply.
    That's all i wanted to know for now and we can now close this post.

    "Thanks for bringing up this Oliver."
    - You are welcome.

    I wish you a nice day.





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