Monitor PostgreSQL running on AWS Lightsail


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    Ashraf Sharif

    Hi Srivinas,

    We've never tested the product with AWS Lightsail. However, most of the time, as long as the DB nodes are accessible via passwordless SSH, ClusterControl should be able to manage them.

    ClusterControl does need the SSH private/public key (PEM certificate or private key that you have) to connect via passwordless SSH to the DB nodes. Thus, no such password is needed. Do check the ClusterControl Requirements documentation at

    Copy the SSH private key file (.pem) to the ClusterControl node and assign it with strict permission, accessible by sudoers or root. Then go to ClusterControl UI -> Import -> Import Existing Server/Cluster -> PostgreSQL and specify the correct key path on the ClusterControl server with the SSH username and port.

    When managing DB nodes located on the external network, ensure the security group/firewall allows connectivity to the required ports, as mentioned in the Requirements page.




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