Insert Record in the node with wsrep_on=OFF. Cannot Sync after Rejoin the Cluster when wsrep_on=ON



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    My method to sync back the previously detached node 2 is...

    (1) Detach node 2 from cluster

    (2) Restore the initial db backup (the original image after installing MariaDB) to node 2

    (3) Join back node 2 to cluster

    (4) Let other nodes sync the latest image to node 2

    Is it the only way to sync back the previously detached node to current image?

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    My title may not be precisely explaining my case.  After wsrep_on=ON, node 2 can be sync by other nodes.  But the DDL/DML operations done during the out-of-cluster period cannot be reverted.

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    Vishal Kasle


         If you set  wsrep_on=OFF on a node and restart it means you are taking the node means you are taking the cluster out of the cluster. Which in turn means that any changes made to this node will not be reflected to other nodes once it rejoings them. Meanwhile changes to the other 2 nodes will be replicated to the third node node once wsrep_on is set to ON and this node is restarted. For more details please check:



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