Failed to Import Galera Cluster



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    Ashraf Sharif

    Hi Chad,

    Regarding the "not found" error, it sounds like Apache configuration issue to me. A look at the Apache configuration files would be helpful.

    Regarding CLI, I'm not sure what were you referring to (either ClusterControl or MariaDB CLI). For ClusterControl CLI, it won't be necessary to install on all MariaDB servers, however for MariaDB CLI - the mysql client - must present on every MariaDB servers.

    I believe you have raised a support ticket regarding these issues and we are going to close this thread.


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    Chad Holden

    Hi Ashaf, I did open a support ticket, thanks.  I ended up having to change the bootstrap.php file in clustercontrol to specify the APP_URL.  Possibly because I am using HTTPS and it's set to http by default.  I'm not sure.

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