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    Paul Namuag

    Hello Jati,

    We're sorry to hear that. In fact, we know this issue already. We have actually twitted here and there's a Jira already created regarding this issue which I left a comment. Unfortunately, MariaDB haven't commented yet on this.


    However, you can do the workaround but it's not feasible but it works.

    Since going thru the conventional way of using ClusterControl, I suggest that use ClusterControl to handle the installation for all your nodes to make it quicker and no manual hands-on to be wasted. Just go over this steps:

    • Deploy -> Select MySQL Galera -> Setup your SSH user credentials and cluster name -> Select MariaDB 10.3 -> Add Node one at a time. This means let CC install the packages for each and every node. The downside is that you have to duplicate this task each on every node but only replace the IP/Hostname on the "Add Node" part with the ip/hostname of the current node you're going to install. Let the error in ClusterControl since this is really a bug as mentioned in
    • Stop the mariadb background/daemon processes on all of the nodes i.e. 
         systemctl stop mariadb 


         service mariadb stop
    • Edit /bin/galera_new_cluster and on the last line, replace the "return" command with "exit" which would the expected output of the last line would look like as follows:
        exit $extcode

    - Then go back again to ClusterControl then,
      "Deploy -> Select MySQL Galera -> Setup your SSH user credentials and cluster name  and down below the "Cluster Name", you see the checkbox "Install Software". Set this to NO by clicking it leaving it just like then hit continue -> Select MariaDB 10.3 -> Add Node then add all the nodes IP/hostname.

    This works for me without any errors and I was able to run it without any issues:

    Alternatively, you just have to install manually on all of the nodes and import the nodes afterwards. 

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    Jati Nurohman

    Hi Paul.

    Thank you for your reply. I've tried your solution and the galera cluster works without any issue.

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