Vendor codership for Galera cluster it isn't present in the list of choices



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    Paul Namuag

    Hi G Parrella,

    There are issues or reports that some OS combinations do not work from the Codership's MySQL Galera leading us to disable it. However, you can add this manually by import existing server/database, but that would mean you have to install it by yourself through the target nodes.

    Let us know if you have any questions.


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    G Parrella

    Hi Paul. A colleague of mine with the same version of operating system (CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)) "sees" among the choices codership galera. Why? do I have to do some configuration?.

    Thanks in advance for help me

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    Paul Namuag

    Hi G Parrella,

    Sorry but let me clear it to you that we have remove it in the UI view. That means you cannot handle it via UI on the new version i.e. 1.7. I believe you have a different version of ClusterControl with your colleague which we had just remove it recently around 1.7 version. If you want to verify it, you can compare the results using rpm command:

    $ rpm -qa|egrep 'clustercontrol'

    You'll be able to determine his version compared to yours. 

    I wanted to add btw that you can also add your Codership instance through CLI. You can check it out here for more details on how to do it.



    s9s cluster --create \
            --cluster-type=galera \
            --nodes="node1;node2;node3" \
            --vendor=codership \
            --provider-version=5.7 \
            --db-admin="root" \
            --db-admin-passwd="s3cr3tp@55" \
            --os-user=root \
            --cluster-name="My DB Cluster" \
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    G Parrella

    Hi Paul. Thanks for all

    The version of clustercontrol of my colleague is different.

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    Paul Namuag

    You're welcome G Parella.


    Thank you for using our product and enjoy using ClusterControl. 

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