Restore a galera cluster on a new host



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    Ashraf Sharif

    Hi Simon,

    The best way to understand what was going on is to examine the MySQL error log of both donor and joiner nodes. However, by making some educated based on your restoration procedures, I can tell that the reason SST happens is because the second Galera node doesn't have information on the "Galera state" it should have been held, since you didn't configure the grastate.dat under MySQL datadir of the joiner node (second node).

    I'd recommend you to look at this blog post, as we described steps to restore a joiner node from a backup, configure proper values inside grastate.dat file to avoid SST when the joiner node joins the cluster for the first time. Take note on step 6, where the backup was taken with "--galera-info" flag and step 8 where we configure the Galera state (UUID and seqno) in grastate.dat.


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    Simon Tardif

    Thank for your reply, i will look at the post.  I also see the parameter wsrep_sst_auth is not the same user/password for both cluster, so I think it may be a part of the problem too?

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    Simon Tardif

    Finally it worked by changing wsrep_sst_auth.  I red the post about avoiding full sst and it will be very usefull when our database will be bigger and this post made me understand how sst and ist works. Thank you! 

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