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    Let me see if I understand your enquiry correctly.

    You have deployed a fully managed Azure MySQL database as a service and would like it to show up in ClusterControl as cluster/instance?

    In that case it's currently not possible to add it to ClusterControl since we need SSH based access to the nodes.
    We also do not have any integration with for example Azure Monitor using their APIs. 

    Is this what you would like to see in ClusterControl? A way to add integration with Azure Monitor and also perhaps collect MySQL stats directly from the fully managed instances?

    Do you also require any 'management' functionality that is not provided by Azure's managed service but by ClusterControl?
    I can create a feature request for this if you could provide some more detailed information about your requirements. 

    If you have deployed a MySQL database manually on standalone Azure cloud instances then it should be straightforward to import those into ClusterControl.

    Best Regards,

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    Daniel Van Den Oord

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your fast response. We have not yet deployed any mysql server but are in the process of determening our best course of action. Either deploy a linux server and deploy a mysql server with cluster control through ssh or use the Mysql SAAS solution of Azure..

    As clustercontrol can connect to AWS and Google for certain functionality I was just wondering if the same or at least some monitoring options were either allready in development or in the feature requests. This would make our decision somewhat easier as I am a big fan of cluster control and it's functions.

    With kind regards



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    Yes, the latest version of ClusterControl currently only supports cloud storage integration for backups to Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. Unfortunately we didn't have time to support Azure but the goal with our Cloud integration is to provide the same functionality for the 3 most popular public cloud providers AWS, GCE, and Azure.

    Azure support is on the roadmap and we also have other features planned such as launching cloud instances directly from ClusterControl and then deploy a database cluster on them. Integration with for example AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor has been brought up however to be honest it's not been a high priority. But that could change of course.

    One benefit of using ClusterControl is that you are not locked with a specific cloud provider's managed service and you have full control and access to the hosts itself. We also provide different HA options like MySQL Galera or a plain MySQL Replication cluster.

    Is there any particular cloud functionality that you would like to see in ClusterControl?
    It would be great to get more feedback on our Cloud features, what's good/bad and what we're missing.

    Best Regards,

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