How to add an existing node to a cluster already in Cluster Control ?



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    Art van Scheppingen

    Hi Levieux,

    Adding a new node to an existing cluster is a pro/enterprise feature of ClusterControl.

    If you are using the community/standard license this feature is disabled. Which license are you on?

    See also for our product comparison table:

    Best regards,


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    levieux stephane

    Thanks for your asnwer.

    I have the communauty Edition, i thought add node was disabled only if we want use cluster control to install the new node.

    I thought we were able to add a already installed node . 

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    levieux stephane

    Should i  clean my cluster control server and make a new install of the communauty edition to have a complete view of my cluster ? For the moment i dont need to use Cluster Control to add and install nodes (Manage Options ?) , i just need monitoring. (Communauty edition ?) 



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