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    Art van Scheppingen

    Hi Brandon,

    You can create the dump and load it into the new database without a problem as long as you load the dump on one of the nodes and not to, let's say, a load balanced connection. In principle the Galera replication has a multitude of parallel slave threads (set by wsrep_slave_threads) so there will be no lock of it like you have with normal MySQL replication. Also don't forget to ensure there is no "use DB_1" at the beginning of the dump.

    Best regards,


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    Unless you have other application traffic you could also do:

    set globlal wsrep_desync=on;

    on the other two galera nodes. This will take out the galera nodes from flow control.

    when dump completes:

    set globlal wsrep_desync=off;





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    Brandon Vander Meersch

    I tested this first with a DB that was about 1.2GB and it worked without issue. Now I am going to try the 53GB DB.


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    Brandon Vander Meersch

    I successfully dumped the 53GB dump into a new database.

    Thanks for the reassurance Art. I figured it would work just didnt want to cause any downtime.

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