innobackupex completes, but does not exit



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    Krzysztof Ksiazek

    Can you please send us following data:

    1. CMON log files (/var/log/cmon*)

    2. Backup log

    3. Output of mysqldump -ucmon -p cmon cmon_job cmon_job_message mysql_backup > jobs.sql

    4. Output of cmon --version

    If you prefer, feel free to open a support ticket with us. For your information, we've got similar reports in the past and we are already investigating this type of an issue. This data will help us to identify if you are facing something we are already aware of or is it a new case.


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    Krzysztof Ksiazek

    Additionally, developers asked for this bit of information:

    1. Output of: ps tree -a 

    2. Version of your netcat package

    Some distributions allow to setup different packages to work as 'nc' - can you check which one is used in your case? Have you tried to use different ones (if possible)?

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    Kent Williams

    Thanks Krzysztof, I'll move this to a support ticket and copy the fix back here once the issue has been resolved.

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    Kent Williams

    This issue was resolved under Debian 8.4.0 amd64 by using netcat-openbsd (eg apt-get install netcat-openbsd rather than apt-get install netcat).

    Backups now complete successfully.

    Thanks to Krzystof for assisting with this problem.

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