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    Ashraf Sharif

    Hi John,

    Galera uses State Snapshot Transfer (SST) to get synced for the very first time when joining the cluster. You can use mysqldump, rsync or xtrabackup to perform SST, configurable under wsrep_sst_method parameter (defaults to rsync). Details at .

    To force for SST, you can just remove grastate.dat, or simply remove all contents inside MySQL data directory. This process is automatically triggered by Galera, provided that you have configured the required parameters correctly.

    Regarding data is not being copied, did you see any error inside MySQL error log? We can assist you if you don't mind to share the content of my.cnf and MySQL error log here (caution this is public forum), otherwise please submit a support ticket at and attach the files that I mentioned.




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    john test

    Hi Ashraf, Actually I rebuilt the cluster so didn't save the logs, but here is my.cnf if you see something that can be added/optimized would be much appreciated.
    You will also see that this is a geo-distributed cluster from the last line I have included.

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