galera nodes wont start after force shutdown



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    Please check the mysql error log and the innobackup*.log on the donor and joiner node that fails to start up. Any hints there? 

    If you don't care and just want to try to get the cluster up again then try this.

    Select a DB node to initialize the new cluster from. This DB node should have the most recent commits or you could end up with data loss. Compare the commit sequence number on all the DB nodes by running (all nodes should be shutdown)

    $ mysqld_safe --wsrep-recover

    Start up the DB node with the highest sequence number w/ "service mysql start --wsrep-new-cluster"


    Then try on one of the other DB nodes

    $ rm <mysql datadir>/grastate.dat

    $ service mysql start

    and wait for it to complete the full dataset sync (SST).


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    john test

    Thanks Alex. I was in a hurry so I ended up rebuilding but this is good info as it has happened to me a few times already so I will try next time.

    Thank you!

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