What are the initial steps that I need to take to get gallera installed on EC2?


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    I believe we resolved your issue in the support forum. The main issue was that the owner of the ssh key was root while you were running the script as the ubuntu user.

    In general for AWS you should check the following.

    - If the OS user is ‘ubuntu’ or ‘ec2-user’ then generate our DB deployment package (http://www.severalnines.com/New-Galera-Configurator/index.html) with that user
    These users are also already in the sudoers list and have passwordless sudo already enabled which is required.

    - If you want to use the ‘root’ user then make sure you can ssh into the other hosts without being prompted that you should login as for example ‘ubuntu’.
    You need to remove the ‘command=..’ string in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys to disable that prompt.

    - Generate a new private ssh key to be used for ClusterControl rather than using/copying over your private AWS ssh key to the ClusterControl host.

    - Copy the private ssh key to $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa on the ClusterControl host and make sure that you can ssh into the other hosts with that key

    - Check that you can do ssh <db ip1> “sudo ls” without being prompted for a password or any other issues and check that you meet these server requirements, http://support.severalnines.com/entries/20614858-Server-Requirements-on-premise-AMIs-other-images-

    - Check the security group and that you are not blocking required ports listed here, http://support.severalnines.com/entries/22654676-Firewall-ports-

    - Generate the DB deployment package with the ssh key file path as /home/<your OS user>/.ssh/id_rsa or if you use the root user /root/.ssh/id_rsa


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