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    Hi Wes,

    About add existing: 

     -  Did you have all three nodes listed in the wsrep_cluster_address in the  my.cnf files for the galera cluster? 
    - Do you have an error message from the job?

    About cleaning:
     - Next version will have an improved cleanup . so the /etc/cmon.d/cmon*.cnf files for a cluster will be deleted when you press "Delete Cluster" in the UI .

    To clean up the wrong host please do (this is also improved):

    1) service cmon stop
    2) delete the wrong host 
    3) rm -rf /etc/cmon.d/cmon*
    4) rm -rf /etc/cmon.cnf.bak
    5) EDIT /etc/cmon.cnf
    Remove any wrongly added host there in the mysql_server_addresses parameter.

    And sorry for the late response. For urgency I recommend you put tickets in



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    Wes Deviers

    Thanks,  Johan. Sorry if the request ended up in the wrong place, but this was the only path I ended up with clicking through the site.  It looked mysteriously like a forum post, but also said "Add a ticket" or something, so I went with it. 

    - Yep, all three were in the my.cnf.  My *initial* trial, however, they were not.  But I've tried it both ways.
    - On cluster0, I probably tried to add it 8 times before I got the correct combination of everything in place. The *final* add had no error messages : )

    I actually just wiped the entire install and started over, though I think I'd tried everything in your list; perhaps not all during the same reboot cycle. When the database kept getting repopulated I just gave up and decided to start clean.




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    Thanks for letting us know. The "Add existing.." was introduced in 1.2.6 and we will increase our test coverage in this area.



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