What append after 30 days?



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    Severalnines Support

    Hi there!

    So, you are currently on a 30-day trial for the Enterprise Edition.

    After the 30 day trial period, ClusterControl will default to the Community Edition.

    This means that the Enterprise features will not work anymore, but you can continue to enjoy the Community features.

    You will find a list of features for the different editions here: https://severalnines.com/pricing

    Good luck with the trial!

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    Mdechamps Be

    Hi thank you for this fast answer.

    I've read the page with the feature, but I see for the community edition "no load balancer deployment".

    Ok but what append with LB who are still deployed?Will they work after the 30 days?

    What append with scheduled backup? will they be continues?



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    Severalnines Support

    The Load Balancer will still be there after the trial. 

    The backups are unfortunately not available under the Community Edition.


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    Mdechamps Be

    Thank you !

    So to Resume

    My infra (It's a home lab) will still working, the backup not.

    So I need to find other Backup Solution for the datas (I Use Veeam for the VM)


    Good Evening (If it's the evening @your location :) )

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