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    Art van Scheppingen

    Hi Bruno,

    If I understand your question correctly you wish to replicate from MariaDB to MongoDB and back. So both MariaDB and MongoDB are writeable this way, and all of them are kept in sync using replication.

    To answer your question: this topology is not supported by ClusterControl. We set up clusters containing one single database technology. We do support similar clustering with Galera Cluster for MariaDB or MongoDB sharded clusters.

    If you wish to achieve this topology, you probably have to set this up yourself. The Tungsten replicator will be able to replicate data from MySQL/MariaDB to MongoDB and with ToroDB you will be able to replicate it back to a MySQL database. However, both of the replicators have their own implementation and probably the schemas generated are not compatible with each other. Also since all four MongoDB instances will be writable, it could potentially create write conflicts of the data written. Alternatively you could create your own scripts that import/export data on a regular interval, but this would not be the same as replication.

    Best regards,



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    Bruno LE TUAL


    thanks a lot for your answer.

    I have a central database for a booking application on MariaDB.

    I have kiosk applications (hundreds) on MongoDB.

    Users can make a booking on web site (MariaDB) or make a booking on kiosk (MongoDB).

    So, each time a user make a booking on internet, I have to inform the concerned kiosk.

    And each time an user make a booking on a kiosk, I have to inform the central database.

    This is a part of my problem :-)

    I will have a look to Tungsten Replicator.

    Best regards,


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