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    Luis Herrera

    First I want to apologize for my English  I have a big problem which I describe below. 

    I recently installed centO6.5 without any problem, even Realise a configuration of a cluster successfully by the mysqlcluster intalacion x86_64 7.3.6 package, I have configured four machines where 1 is dedicated as the Management node that manages the MySQL Cluster, 2 configured as group nodes where the data tables and SQL where the MySQL server is connected to Cluster and where queries are made to the existing database runs saved ie these two nodes has both functions and finally have a machine that its only function is the SQL node. 

    I'm not sure that is necessary to put the configuration file and the cluster my.cnf, but Annex hoping my question is clearer and I can help.













    configuration file

    [ndbd default] 
















    my problem is that when I want to connect the database created in mysql cluster with a web application they do not allow me to do the necessary connection, I tried installing php-mysql library with the command: 

    yum install httpd php php-mysql 

    But this did not help, however many problems GROUNDED genre in the cluster, I hope I can help and I've read everything about it and found nothing works for me. 

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you can help me


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    Andrija Panic


    I had a problem on clean OS, CentOS 6.4 x64:

    Description: By default, deploy.sh script deletes all mysql* packages, incuding the default mysql libs package ("mysql-libs"). During the deployment, Percona-Server-shared-55 is installed, but at the end, when issuing "yum install php php-mysql rrdtool" , there is error message since php requires "Percona-Server-shared-51" for some reason (Percona repo overrides CentOS Base repo for this lib), and Percona-Server-shared-55 is already installed, so there is a conflict.

    My way to solve this is the following:

    On management node only:


    • yum remove mysql-libs
    • yum remove Percona* percona* cmon # (just to be shure if anything left from previuous deployment try)
    • rm -rf /var/lib/mysql (mysql home folder, change to suits your folder)

    Install IUS repo and install mysqllibs16 from IUS:

    nano ~/mysql/scripts/install/uninstall-rpm.sh and comment the following lines:

    #remote_cmd2 $host "yum -y remove redland"

    #remote_cmd2 $host "yum -y remove mysql-libs"

    #remote_cmd2 $host "yum -y remove postfix"

    #remote_cmd2 $host "yum -y remove sysbench"

    #list=remote\_getreply $host "rpm -qa | grep -i mysql"

    #if [ -n "$list" ]; then

    remote_cmd $host "rpm -e $list"


    #list=remote\_getreply $host "rpm -qa | grep -i percona"

    #if [ -n "$list" ]; then

    remote_cmd $host "rpm -e $list"


    If needed, make shure to remove the unneeded packages from cluster node yourself, instead of letting deploy.sh script do it for you:

    So, on all cluster nodes (we suppose you have a clean OS install)

    • yum remove mysql-lib
    • yum remove Percona* percona* cmon # (just to be shure if anything left from previuous deployment try)
    • rm -rf /var/lib/mysql/

    Then start the usual deplyment process from management node



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    pedro mendes

    i have installed mysql with galera and had problems on CentOS with apache since the galera packages for mysql will enter in conflict with mysql shared libraries such as libmysqlclient, for those who have the same problem when starting your apache server with php that is looking for libmysqlclient you can accomplish by downloading MySQL shared client libraries from http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/4/idpl/26368311/dir/redhat_el_6/com/MySQL-shared-compat-5.6.19-1.el6.x86_64.rpm.html make sure you choose the correct version of your mysql and if 32 or 64 bit version once you download you can install via command rpm -i MySQL-shared-compat-5.5.39-2.el6.x86_64.rpm once it is installed restart your apache server, with command: service httpd restart and it should disapear the errors. 

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    pedro mendes

    Hi Johan i use codership , mysql 5.6 and centOS 6.4 in one server and 6.5 on the other server, All is working well and checked replication on the database on both servers.

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    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for the information.

    Which Galera vendor (codership, percona, mariadb) did you use and what MySQL version (5.5 or 5.6) and which Centos version are you using?

    Best regards


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