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    Steve Diaz


    If you encounter issues running, follow these troubleshooting steps:

    1. Check 's9s_deploy.log': Review the 's9s_deploy.log' in your user's home folder to diagnose installation errors, especially any RPM installation failures.

    2. EC2 Key Pair: If using Amazon EC2, ensure your keypair is uploaded to the $EC2_KEYPAIR location on the ClusterControl server.

    3. Install libaio1: On Ubuntu, run apt-get install libaio1, and on Red Hat, use yum install libaio to install libaio1.

    4. System Configuration: Verify SELinux settings, firewall rules, and the /etc/hosts file to ensure proper system configuration.

    5. Hostname Resolution: Ensure 'hostname -i' doesn't resolve to or If it does, update the /etc/hosts file.

    6. Hostname: Your hostname should not resolve to 'localhost.' Adjust the /etc/hosts file if needed.

    7. Disk Space: Check available disk space on your servers.

    8. Network Connectivity: Confirm that you can ping the hosts without issues.

    9. RAM: Verify you have sufficient RAM for MySQL Servers and Data Nodes.

    10. CPU Cores: Ensure you have enough CPU cores for the MySQL Servers and Data Nodes. Avoid setting the core count higher than available, as it can lead to instability.

    11. 32-bit vs. 64-bit: Ensure software architecture matches your machine's architecture.

    12. Conflicting RPMs: Remove conflicting RPM packages if necessary using './' For example, 'rpm -e php-mysql' from the ClusterController.

    If problems persist, consider creating a support ticket Training

    Thank you.

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    Leggett Kaput

    Submit a request to via the in-app Help geometry dash or email direct with the name of the solution

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    Carey Jody

    A troubleshooting manual is a type of it documentation that lists common problems a user might encounter while using a product and drift hunters offers solutions to these problems.

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    Thanks for the helpful troubleshooting checklist! I'll be sure to review the s9s_deploy.log file and double-check the system requirements like disk space, RAM, and cores - especially since my location. If I run into any other issues, I'll be sure to reach out for assistance.

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