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    Muhammad Karam Shehzad
    I am on Linux platform with MySQL NDB 5.7. I am trying to monitor all traffic related to MySQL clustering - between data nodes, management node and sql nodes. To that end, I used netstat to list all open ports listening on my machine before starting MySQL cluster. Then, I started MySQL cluster and ran netstat again. I assumed that the ports that were listening the second time around, but not the first time, were related to MySQL clustering. 
    But there are two problems with this. First, there could be ports opened by other processes between the two netstat runs. Second, MySQL might open other ports after I ran the netstat command the second time.

    What is the best way to go about finding all ports being used by MySQL for clustering purposes? 

    I believe ephemeral ports are picked dynamically, so perhaps if I knew all the MySQL clustering related processes that would be running, I can figure out every port that they are using. Pointers will be very welcome.
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